About Us

The Umbrella Project was started by several people. However, The Umbrella is based on the shared economy model. This means that many people work towards one goal complementing one another. Therefore, ‘We’ is a whole network of amazing people. Get to know us all by clicking on the link below!

Where do we network?

The Umbrella is a global initiative, but much more remains to be done before we are present in all countries of the world. At the moment (September 2023), we are operating in more than twelve Polish cities (including Gliwice, Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków and Łódź). We are also already present in Turkey (Antalya), the UK (London), Thailand (Pai), Portugal and Spain. The most up-to-date list can be found in our Excel.

USP – unique selling points!

It’s global.
We provide a sales and marketing office.
We work in B2B and B2C models.
We provide an online shop platform (under construction).
We provide an event promotion platform (under construction).
We provide networking tools (under construction).
We support cooperation and growth together.
You build your brand with professional support.
And all of it it’s under one platform that covers all of your needs.

How do we provide services?

On our website, you will find access to a list of exceptional individuals specializing in many areas of health. Many of them live and practice in the distant corners of the world and deal with different aspects of health and well-being. If you are looking for support for yourself or for your loved ones, simply find the person whose assistance or services you are interested in and contact them directly.

What do we offer?

The Umbrella is a network of people, places and events. A network of exceptional professionals, working in the field of well-being in its broadest sense, encompassing:
physical and mental health, wellness and wellbeing, natural medicine, handicrafts and spirituality.

The Umbrella customers?

Yes, The Umbrella’s aim is to reach as many people and companies (potential customers) for our services, as possible. We help you to sell your services! This sale is about your services, combined services, workshops, events, or spaces – locations. The main sales tool is going to be the target website – a kind of database of advertisements/services, but also online materials or handicrafts.

For business!

We organize workshops, team-building events, trainings, courses or retreats for managers and executives. We provide comprehensive well-being and wellness services for companies. Contact us or use the button below to send an inquiry.

What’s the deal with Excel?

This is the file in which we collect all our contacts, and, at least for the time being, the basic tool of our network. We enter our contact details, the events we organise or the locations we want to advertise there. We add there everything we want to give access to The Umbrella members as well to our customers.

Do we have the funds for marketing?

Although we are operating completely free of charge at the moment, the next step is to find an investor who will and can develop the website. On that, there will be a range of marketing and sales services. Funding for marketing will come mainly from subscriptions, but also from other financial mechanisms. Before this happens, we plan to put together a marketing campaign based on a crowdfunding model. If your contact details are in The Umbrella Excel, you will definitely get the information about that.

Do you have any other questions?!

Project coordinators

Tomasz Lipowski – yogi, meditation teacher, manager

Anna Karłowska – artist, designer, trainer