What is it?

The Umbrella is an international network of people, places and events. Wellbeing, wellness, spirituality, personal development or natural medicine is our domain. Together we create services, support each other and reach out to companies and individual customers.

How does it operate?

This website is intended for networking. Ultimately, it will become a portal for the recipients of the services provided by The Umbrella community. Together, we rent properties to create spaces for the mind and body. We exchange knowledge and experiences. We organize holiday workshops together. We address people of all ages and social groups. The only limitation is our imagination!

Check out our presentation!

Learn about our values and see what it’s all about. These are just a few slides that will answer your questions and help you to understand our project, better

Join us!

The project is in the development phase, and, among other aspects of it, we are working on the website. The target form is a portal for services, events and well-being places. Would you like to join our community? Sign up, and let us work together!

If you do something from the heart and depth of yourself, you bring value to the whole community. How much we can collectively give to the humanity is incalculable.